Sunday, June 13, 2010


What a wonderful day! I have BIG news! Millie, the lady in this post accepted Christ!!! She had been telling me that she believed in God but I thought she did not fully understand that she had to put her trust in Him and have a relationship with Him but she did understand! Today at church she marked the "I accepted Christ" box on her little sheet you put in the offering plate and so someone called me to tell me she accepted Christ today and so I called her and asked her if something happened to her today and she said no. I proceeded to tell her that I knew she had checked the "I accepted Christ" box at church today (I know that sounds funny...) and she said "oh yes, that." She explained that she accepted Christ a little while ago but was having a hard time explaining it. I asked her what her experience was like and she said that she had just believed in Jesus for a long time but just decided to really follow Him. You see, it is so hard for her because of the language barrier thing. (She is Bulgarian.) She also explained to me that she really was hungry for the Bible and what it says and that all the sudden she is wanting to tell her neighbors about Jesus! How awesome! I am soooo thankful that Millie will now be with me in heaven! I am also thankful that the Lord allowed me to see her come to Christ; it just helps me so much just getting back from seeing friends and family in Memphis and missing them but knowing that things like this are why I am here! Thank you Jesus!!

Also, I wanted to update everyone on Adleyn. She is doing soooooo much better. I really think it is a combination of prayers, and the things all the doctors have told us to do for her that are really helping her a ton! I am so thankful that above all else she does not have episodes of crying out in pain for hours, those just broke my heart! She is definitely not sleeping that well yet but I think she just has to learn and now that we are getting better from everything else she is probably going to start trying to get some teeth if she isn't already!

On a completely different note, we went to a birthday party today for a sweet little boy named Reid. Adam and I have just become friends with his parents because they came to our church and we just get along with them so well and have lots in common with them which is nice.

Reid's party theme was bugs! :) I thought this was such a cute idea!

Annabelle really loves our friend James (Ryley's daddy.) He "had" to hold her a lot at the party today. Annabelle at church kept saying "Wywee" for Ryley but she wasn't there today. It was so cute though; Annabelle misses her friend!

That's all for now! I have a cold so I am going to take Nyquill and hopefully feel better tomorrow. Good luck to Adam with both of the monitors tonight! :)

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the miller mommy said...

Oh Ashley....Scott and I sat in the same row as Millie and her husband yesterday at church. I heard them talking and he seemed so happy. I was thinking that maybe she had finally accepted Christ. How wonderful to hear the news! I seriously have tears in my eyes!! Love you girlie...and never second guess your role here in Ohio! You are so precious and sweet!