Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Look what I got the other day, a candy bar from Bulgaria! It was oh so yummy! My sweet tooth is out of control these days and I can do nothing to stop it! I keep going in circles trying to decide if I am eating so much because Adelyn is so big and strictly breastfeed or she is so big because I eat so much! Don't worry, I am not thinking about this too much and most definitely not too concerned about it at this point. Ok, so back to the candy bar, my friend, Millie, who I met on the playground one day, she is from Bulgaria. We have had 2 playdates now and I am getting closer and closer to sharing the gospel with her. See, I really want her to know that I care about her and that I am not just trying to shove my "religion" in her face and so I have held off and waited for the opportunity and the prompting from the Holy Spirit. We have talked about religion and how she grew up and what she and her husband think about the church etc etc etc and so I have a feeling a gospel presentation is coming up and I am sooo excited about it! You know, whenever I am down about being so far away from my family and being in such a weird seasonal place and things like that, the Lord always reminds me why I am here and it is to share Him with people like Millie. I pray daily that God will use me to lead her to Him. Will you pray for her too??

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Ben and Audrey said...

i'll definitely pray for her. so proud of you. love you.