Saturday, July 2, 2011

Adelyn's Half Birthday Party

Well, on the 25th of June we had Adelyn's half birthday party at a Mexican restaurant with my mom. We had been waiting for my mom to get here before we had the party. I started this tradition on Annabelle's first half birthday and I love it! Any reason to celebrate and eat cupcakes seems like a good idea right?!We don't do any presents just food. (: Annabelle doesn't quite understand that it is not her birthday too and so my mom and I just let her think it was hers too with Adam strongly opposing the idea! I'm soooo glad we got video of all the fun!

Well, Adelyn was just not having it that day but what a fun and funny memory!!

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MeTheMama said...

I should do the same with my son! His bday is 3 days from christmas so it's tough to have a decent party for him then.