Thursday, June 30, 2011

The End of Dance Camp

Today was our last day of dance camp. It really ends tomorrow but today was our last day because Annabelle gets her tubes put in at 9:00 am tomorrow. The girls had SUCH a great time today at dance camp (in case the pictures don't tell the story.) I was soooo proud of them, especially Annabelle for how brave she was!! Tonight when I was putting her to bed, she told me that she wants to be a ballerina and wear pink and do peroets. (sp?) It was the cutest!!!! I think she would be a great dancer but then again I know she would be great at anything she does! Adelyn had a good time too and really smiled and laughed a lot. I'm so glad we decided to do dance camp again this year!!

Tomorrow Annabelle gets her tubes. It has been a crazy crazy crazy week but I pray that these tubes will make at least our ear problems and possibly Annabelle's immune system better!! Tonight I explained to her that she was getting her ears fixed and going to see the doctor. She understood just fine...the hard part will be not giving her any food or drink until after 9 tomorrow. Pray she does well with all of it, will you? I know God is in control. I am also praying diligently that Annabelle's staff goes away for good. Long story but the issue needs prayer badly.

The end for tonight.

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