Friday, September 3, 2010

The sweetest sounds I have ever heard!

Annabelle has really started talking lately. This phase is my absolute favorite right now. I just wanna drop life and pick her up every single time she says it! video

Adelyn has also recently started "talking" and we joke about her sweet little voice because she grunts a lot and sounds like she should have such a raspy voice but she doesn't at all!
Adam took a hilarious video of the girls in the bath tub tonight. For some reason they both start screaming and crying right now when we put them in the bath tub. I know it is just a phase (at least I hope and a short one I hope too.) It is sooo bad that it is funny; I just cannot decide if it's posting material. :) Anyway, off to watch a movie with Adam!! I'm so excited about going to Cinncinati for Presley's b-day party tomorrow! I need lots of rest for my trip!! Sooo Goodnight!

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Stephanie said...

I love baby babble!!! So cute!!! :)