Sunday, August 15, 2010

Normal Lifeness

I know all my pictures are starting to look the same. These particular pictures have a funny story though. I tried to take a good one of the girls in their white dresses (the ones they ore to the beach) and I could not get them to cooperate etc so I took off their dresses and they were so happy...ha!!

Today when I picked Annabelle up from the church nursery she was a little warm but I thought that she had just been playing super hard...well....when we got home she was still warm so I took her temp and she had a fever. she took her nap fine but was super clingy and still had a fever after she woke up. Anyway, Annabelle threw up tonight, poor thing. I felt sooo bad for her; she has only thrown up twice before this but this time it really scared her. :(

Soooooooo....I hope Annabelle gets better SOON!! I hope we all don't get sick (especially Adelyn!!) and I hope we don't get cabin fever from having to stay inside while she gets well!

OH and I want to update everyone on Adleyn. This past week she sort of turned a new leaf. I mean she has been doing better not spiting up as much but she actually slet once from 8-5:30 without waking up!! (Of course I woke up to check on her etc...such is the life of a mother!) But, we were soooo excited and since then she has had some bad nights but some good too! We are so glad that it seems like she is getting better!!! Yah for that and getting so sleep!!

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Heather said...

Dressed or not, these girls are the CUTEST!!!!! :)