Saturday, October 12, 2013

Annabelle's 5th Birthday

Annabelle turned 5 on September the 27th. We spent the morning at home recouping from Adam's party and just relaxing.

 Annabelle wanted the new Barbie Mariposa doll and costume for her birthday and that's what she got from us.

 I was excited because that's what kind of birthday party she wanted to have and that's the barbie I wanted to use for the cake so it was perfect.
 I also got her these face butterfly tattoo because she always wants to get her face painted and we never let her so this was super special.
 That night, we got a special visit from Lala and Pepop! Lala brought some birthday gifts for Annabelle and some for Adelyn as well.

 ...and then...we went to Incredible Pizza!! It was such a blast!

 Everyone loved the pizza and then the girls got to ride go carts with Daddy and PePop. They were in heaven.

 And they got to play games and play putt put and ride carousels.

Needless to say, Annabelle had a GREAT birthday!

Sweet Annabelle,
I seriously cannot believe you are now 5 years old. I think about the day you were born and how excited I was to be your momma. I cannot believe how much you have grown up and how much I could love a little person like you. I always say this, but when I pictured having a little girl, she was just like you. You make every day so much more exciting and challenging (in a good way!) I love how curious you are about everything and how stinking smart you are and how you are just like your mama in the sense that your wheels in your mind just never stop turning. I get so pumped thinking about what God might have in store for your life; I know it's going to be better than I can even imagine. You are going to be such a great big sister again because you are so nurturing and loving by nature. I love you so much sweet girl; always remember that.

your mommy

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