Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Annabelle Meets Her Teacher!

Today, Annabelle had the chance to meet her teachers. I am so excited about this preschool program; I have been nothing but impressed by it so far! Annabelle will be repeating 4 year old preschool because her birthday isn't until the end of September and in Tennessee the cut off date for kindergarten is August 1st. I don't mind keeping her with me one more year and I know she's going to have tons of exciting times making new friends and going to music and computer class! I am thankful for this opportunity for my kiddos! We are all excited for next Tuesday!

I couldn't help but get a picture of these cuties today before we left:

Annabelle was in such a funny mood this morning and decided to give me all kinds of poses and her mermaid! Love this hilarious little girl!!

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