Sunday, August 5, 2012

August 1,000 Gifts Challenge

I have taken on a new challenge this month. It's a challenge that really drew my attention because it centers around gratitude toward Christ.

My dear sweet cousin sent this challenge to me. She is such a special person. More on her later.

The challenge is originally found at (I am blogging from my phone so I'll try to add links later if I remember ;) ) The challenge comes from a book called "1,000 Gifts." I haven't read it yet but definitely want to soon!

Here are my first few days of the challenge. I have been keeping up with it through instagram. I would love for you to start it too and of you do...please let me know!!

Day 1: 3 Gifts Eaten

Day 2: 3 Gifts White

Day 3: 3 Gifts at 10,1,10

Day 4: 3 Gifts Sitting

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