Saturday, July 7, 2012

Adelyn's Potty Trained!

This little sweet girl is potty trained! It was such a breeze compared to the last time! I am grateful and thankful the Lord spared me from the experiences I had last time! :) She really had the potty training thing a few days after she started but I kept waiting for her to revert or something but she didn't, having her sister to help really helped a lot. Now they go potty together. :) 

I am so proud of Adelyn! She's definitely not my little baby anymore (but we will still be calling her baby in case you were wondering.) I cannot believe I don't have any babies in diapers! We had two in diapers for soo long or at least it felt like it.
On the 3rd of July after baths we had a "Adelyn is Potty Trained" party. Adelyn got to decorate her own cookie cake. She chose blue icing and green sprinkles. This was one of her first "parties" for doing something we were proud of her for so it was special! I told her to say "cheese" and this was her face. Love how much she likes to be silly, just like her daddy! 


Dear Addilyn said...

How did you do it? Last week we tried potty training my Addilyn who will be 3 the end of October and we failed. After wetting/pooping on the floor (we tried the bare bottom technique) about 8 times we just put a diaper back on and stopped. We need suggestions.

Angie said...

Cutest "Say Cheese" face ever!
Way to go Adelyn!!!
Now will you come over and potty train my almost 2 year old son? LOL