Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Random Wednesday

This morning Adelyn and I went on a walk. It was such a sweet time with my little girl. I love her so dearly and when we get time just us two I eat it up!

 Then, we went on a picnic for lunch with Lala and she snapped this pic.
 Annabelle has this new thing where she writes her name and we say, "Annabelle you forgot the 'B' " and she says "My name doesn't need a 'B' anymore." It is such an Annabelle thing to say. Little Diva.
This week being with Lala the expert teacher, Annabelle has started to try to sound words out and now recognizes and reads the word "no" and so everywhere we see "no" she is sure to point it out. It's cute. :)

We took Lala to the airport tonight. It was sad.

I read an awesome article my Nanny sent home with me from Arkansas today by Charles Stanley called "Willing to Wait." Here are some excerpts:

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