Sunday, May 6, 2012

Paige's Party

Yesterday, Annabelle and I went to a really fun birthday party for a friend of hers named Paige. We are so blessed by Paige and her family because they give us all her hand me downs!

The party was all about painting and so Annabelle got her face painted.
She was so proud.
 She got her nails painted and she had a snow cone. (She was showing off her nails in this pic. :) )
The girls got to paint pictures AND
Eat cupcakes. It was Annabelle's first big girl party and we both had a blast! It's so fun having a little girl!
Tomorrow is a big day of prayer for us. I was listening to Beth Moore this weekend and she said this and I thought it was appropriate. Lift us up tomorrow if you can! Thanks!

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