Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Thankful Tuesday/Annabelle's 3rd Birthday!!!

Look at that face!! I am so thankful for this little girl!! Four years ago I was trying to get pregnant never imagining that 4 years later I would have a beautiful, brilliant, precious three year old girl!

 I just really enjoy birthdays, it is just one of my favorite things ever! So needless to say, I wanted to make it special for Annabelle.
  I feel like since we are so similar it is easy for me to pick out what makes her feel special.
 She also had a few presents this morning which made her feel really special.

 I was excited for her to be able to spend a few hours at school today because I always wanted my birthday to be on a school day so I could see my friends ect and so I was glad for her. (Although as I type this I hear how silly this is! ha!)

 She was so.stinking.cute this morning and she was so pumped that I made her shirt and headband.

I cannot squeeze all of Ab's birthday in one post :) but I did want to post about how thankful I am for her. God knew she would give me so much joy! I spend some time last night telling her the story of Annabelle which she loves....part of the story says that we moved to this place in Ohio when she was 3 months old and that she was my little buddy when I was lonely. It is a sweet part of me and Annabelle's story. I was so thankful to have her with me when I moved here.

I hope you felt so special today because you are so special to me. I am so glad God gave you to me and I pray you know him the instant you can understand enough to make Him Lord of your life. I pray your life will reflect Him in every way possible. Ab, your mommy loves you more than you can ever imagine. You teach me so much about myself and about God. Tonight when I was carrying you into Walgreens in the rain, I thought, "I so could see God carrying me through the rain like this. It is for my good and He is trying to shield me the best He can but I have to be rained on a little to get to the best place, the place you need to go, just like you." This is just one of the examples of how show me things through your life. Please know that no matter what, I will always love you and support you and I will do my best to follow God with all my heart so that I can be the best mom for you I can.

Love you baby doll,

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Heather said...

SO sweet! Happy Birthday to little Annabelle! On a side note ... my mom let us use the 'today's your special day' plate for all of our important occasions growing up ... birthdays, first day of school, graduation, the day I got married :) And for one of my shower gifts, she gave me one. Love it!