Friday, February 11, 2011

Jen's Rehearsal Dinner

Crystal and I made it in right after the rehearsal was over. So, we basically headed straight out to the dinner! At the dinner, I was in Southern heaven! All the ladies were dressed to a tee with millions of accessories and HUGE hair and the place was all decorated so fancy and pretty! I loved it!

I just was so excited to be there and for them to see Jen so happy. I have been praying for her for 4 years now that she would find a husband that loved the Lord (knowing she wouldn't settle!) and Matt is the answer to that prayer!

The dinner was so yummy. We had a beautiful salad with a cheese ball on top and steak and cake! Afterward, anyone who wanted to had the opportunity to speak about Jen or Matt if they chose to and Jen's sister Steph gave the most beautiful speech! It made me cry; it was so precious!

Another part of the speech time included a man from Africa with whom Matt had stayed when he was doing mission work there. This was the man's first trip from Africa to the States and he gave them special gifts.

What a beautiful couple! I'm so happy for them!!! Next posts are about the lingerie shower and then wedding day!!!!

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