Sunday, February 6, 2011

I made it to Arkansas and Back!!!!

I arrived in Tulsa on Thursday night. The weather was soo bad there; they had just had the same snow storm that we had only they are not prepared for that in the slightest! Right when we got to Crystal's house, we drink hot chocolate!

We stayed up sooo late that night trying to figure out what in the world we were going to do the next day. Jen's bridesmaid's luncheon was the next morning and we just knew it was not safe to try to get there but we determined to do it anyway!

So, off we went!

I LOVED seeing all the Sonic's on the way! haha

And finally we made it to Rogers. We stopped at Walmart to change and get ready and then we made it to the rehearsal right after it was over.

Like I said, we missed all rehearsing but of course we got pictures! :)

Most of the decor for the wedding was set up that night and it was so beautiful; it was all earthy, branches, moss etc and roses.

Jen, has a huge family of 8 children. This is all the sisters and James.

And James and his girlfriend.

The rehearsal dinner was delicious and so much fun!

We were absolutely freezing so Crystal and I wore our boots in. We were very aware that they were not the best thing with our outfits but we didn't care at all at that point, we were just glad to be there!!

It was so fun to be with all of these people that I hardly ever get to see!

To be continued.............

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