Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sweet Fall Pictures

Today I decided to take the girls outside to take some pictures by the pumpkins on our porch. I cannot believe they are getting so big!

I love these two little sweeties so much and I'm so glad I could capture this memory.

Of course, we gave Annabelle candy so she would behave, call it whatever you want but you do what you gotta do to get a picture! :)

And sweet little crazy active Adelyn sat still for the camera! I was so proud of her!!

Annabelle looks so little in this picture. This is her last October. I had no idea how alike her and Adelyn look until I put these pictures up side by side. I remember thinking she looked like such a big girl in this picture last year and now she really is all grown up.

Annabelle loves sunglasses. She watched almost a whole Dora with Dan's sunglasses on :)

Sweet Annabelle. I just thought this picture was funny!

The other day it was cool but nice enough for us to enjoy a few minutes at the park and so we did. The girls love to swing, especially Adelyn. She just holds on to the front and swings the whole entire time we are there!

Annabelle picks everyone's swing for them and she always insists that Adelyn use that swing. I think it is funny and obviously Adelyn doesn't care so I let them swing in the opposite ones they are supposed to..haha!

I was telling Annabelle to say cheese here.

And then, Annabelle wanted out of her swing so she could push the baby. It was the sweetest. I grabbed my iPhone as fast as I could and snapped these pictures. I love it when they love on each other!!

I guess I am excited about fall. I know weird for me to say that because I am such a summer person. It just seems like here fall goes so fast and then it is winter (booooo) but at least we have Christmas to look forward to right now!!!


Heather said...

LOVE the pumpkin pics!!!!

Jennifer said...

Annabelle cracked me up in those pictures! She has such a little personality in those pictures. They are such a fun age aren't they? Your girls are just precious!