Saturday, October 2, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Annabelle!

I cannot believe this sweet little girl is 2 now! Her birthday was September 27th. My mom was still here and we had a pretty relaxing day. Annabelle got a little kitchen for her birthday with some play food. She absolutely LOVES it and I'm so glad; I knew she would! She washes her hand and puts things in the microwave all the time.

Yesterday we went to the doctor for her 2 year check up. He said she looked great except for this lingering cough which is possibly a restrictive airways cough?! The dr put her on steroids. He said it really shouldn't be a big deal. Annabelle weighed 26lbs 8oz (with all her clothes on) which is the 40% for weight. She was 34.5 inches tall which is the 76% for length and Annabelle's sweet big head is in the 88th percentile! She has always had a bigger head for her body and we LOVE it. :)

Annabelle loved her dance class and learned lots of new things! Annabelle can say the letters of the alphabet if we point to them and ask. She knows her primary colors and repeats everything we say!! One of Annabelle's most favorite things right now is stickers! Annabelle wears size 18 month clothes and size 61/2 to 7 shoes. We can tell she is going to be very girly. She loves all her accessories and she must have a bow. She loves her tutus and shoes a lot too!

The day Annabelle was born was one of the best days in my life! I remember thinking I had no idea what to do with a baby but it is so true that God gives you the instinct just to do what you need to do.

Annabelle, I cannot believe you are already two years old. Time has flown by but I absolutely love the stage you are in! You interact and talk to me all day long and although sometimes that makes things hard, for the most part it makes things much easier for me knowing what you want. I pray all the time that you accept Christ at a young age, when you can understand, that you and your sister will be good friends, and that I will be the mother that you need for me to be! I will always love you no matter! You are such a beautiful, wonderful little girl!

Love you, Mommy

Annabelle, Happy 2nd Birthday! It really is hard to believe that you are already 2! I am so proud of you and how smart you are. Whenever the front door opens you always say, "daddy!"; I love it! You also have absolutely no idea that my birthday is one day BEFORE yours! Mommy decided to give you 2 birthdays this on the 25th and another on the 27th...I'm pretty sure you were really confused, but excited that you got eat more sugar in those 2 days than the whole year combined. I love you SO much and pray that you will soon understand what Jesus did for you. I pray that you will follow Him and Mommy and I will be examples of that.

I Love You, Daddy

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Ben and Audrey said...

such a sweet little post. i actually got teary eyed thinking about her & jack being 2. where has time gone?! i really wish i got to be around her more often!

love you sweet annabelle, happy 2nd birthday!!

p.s. the note from Adam is adorable!