Sunday, September 5, 2010

Presley Pickett turns 1!

On Saturday, I woke up went to get Adelyn out of bed and saw more snot than I have ever wanted to see in my whole lifetime. We have all had colds for a while now, which I am starting to think might be allergies?! Anyway, I knew Adelyn would not be able to come on our adventure to see Miss Presley Pickett eat her first bite of cake. I am sad that Adelyn couldn't be a part and even more sad that I had to leave my baby when she was sick but I decided that it was ok because she was going to be with her daddy and I knew he would love on her and do the best he could to take care of her. So, here are Annabelle and I about to get in the car to make our 2 1/2 hour drive to Burlington, KY for Presley's first birthday party.

The beautiful family. If I did not know Brit I would think she wa sa super know what I mean? She is just one of those naturally beautiful people and one you cannot be jeaous of because she is too sweet.

This is Bethany (Brit's sis), Presley, me and Annabelle just hanging out eating carrots!

and this is the birthday cake. Britney made it herself, can you believe it? I couldn't! She said it took 2 days to make!! What a trooper!!

and Presley just like her mama LOVED that chocolate cake!! I have to insert story here. Brit was my college roomate from freshman year to middle of my junior year when she left for nursing school. Brit always had the funniest eating habits. Many times she would wake up and eat brownies or a candy bar for breakfast; I have no doubt that Presley will love choclate just as much as her mama especially after watching her devour her first b-day cake.

Sweet fam. Brit did a great job of being laid back about all the mess. I was proud fo her! :)

Annabelle enjoyed herself some cake too!

This is Annabelle giving Presley a kiss. How sweet!

Us with our babies (minus Adleyn :( )

Annabelle ran around like crazy since she had been in the car for 2 1/2 hours.

She also loved wearing the Hula shirt

and in pure Annabelle style had to try on as many lays as she possibly could!

When we got back in the car she was pooped from playing and missing her nap that day. I thought for sure she wouldn't fall asleep (especially with Dora playing on the Dvd player) but I was wrong and I was so glad she slept because it took 3 1/2 hours on the way home because of a wreck.

I was dying to get back to my sick baby; daddy had done a great job taking care of her of course. I let Annabelle stay up later than usual because she had taken a nap at 5:00 pm and I knew there was no way she would go to bed at 8:00 so she stayed up and watched the hogs play! She also got a little sticker happy.

I am missing my camera so much. I left it in Memphis and someone is bringing it to me tomorrow! yah! I cannot wait to stop taking all my pictures with my iphone!

Adam and I watching the game! We were so glad Arkansas won! yah!!

I was also very glad Annabelle and I made the visit to Presley's birthday party. I wish we could have stayed a visited longer, I feel like there is never enough time, but I knew I would die if I didn't get to see my sick baby before she went to sleep that night.

I can't believe Presley is already one. I posted a picture of when she was born on the next post. Wow. How time flies!!

Happy 1st b-day Presley! I love you, Aunt Ashley!!


Heather said...

That cake is amazing!!! So glad you didn't have to miss the party...but so sorry your sweet baby was sick! That is just the pits!!! Hoping she is feeling better today! How about those HOGS?!?!?! :)

Katherine Grant said...

Ashley, Annabelle is so cute! I love seeing what everyone is up to after Ouachita. You have a beautiful family!