Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Comparison Shots 8 Months!

Adelyn at 8 monthsAnnabelle at 8 months

I am loving doing these comparison shots every month. I think the girls don't look anything alike until I get their pictures side by side and then I see some of their similarities. They look like they have the same nose but their noses are so different. Adam and I are the same way though sort of, as in, our noses kind of look alike and kind of different so that makes sense. :) Adam and I think Adelyn has my eyes and Adam's nose and Annabelle has Adam's eyes and my nose and they seem like they have the same smile. Annabelle's face shape is still a little bit rounder and Adelyn's longer. They have about the same amount of hair and it look almost exactly alike (I think Annabelle's was cleaner in this picture. :) )

I had forgotten that Annabelle got her booth her bottom teeth in together and those were the first that came in exactly like Adelyn. I guess they pretty much got their teeth in at the same time.

I love noticing these little things and watching them grow up; it's so fun! :)

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