Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Brunch in the Park & Spelling Ab's name

Today we went to "Brunch in the Park" as one of our church's group play dates. It was really fun! I left my camera in Memphis so all these pictures were taken with my Iphone but they aren't all that bad. The picture above is Annabelle before we left. I let Adelyn nap until I got everything in the car and then I went and got her and put her right in the car; she just does better if she gets some sort of nap before we go out in the mornings.

Annabelle loves watermelon but I do not like it and so we never have it so she ate her heart out of some watermelon and I was glad because I know it was soo good for her!

Some of the kiddos playing. Annabelle LOVED the big sandbox; she had sand everywhere, even in her diaper!!

I just enjoyed so much watching her have so much fun; I hardly even cared about how messy she was! :)

Here are the two little buggaboos when we got home.

We decided to have a tea party this afternoon and the girls had theirs and I had a mommy tea party with my McDonalds half and half tea and my fitness mag (thanks to my sweet friend mrs. nuckolls!)


and last but not least, Adam suggested that I try to teach Annabelle how to spell her name since she is doing so good with her letter and so here in the beginning of the process. I love the "l"s. :)

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