Saturday, July 31, 2010

This week with the Fishers

Annabelle decided for the first time that she wanted to have a tea party with Adelyn. Mommy just thought it was soooo sweet! Adelyn loved the attention from her big sister of course.

We got lots of pictures of our new cousin sweet Braley Grace Fisher! We can't wait to meet her!!

Annabelle worked out really hard this week with Billy Blanks and she even used her "Billy Bands" some too!

We swam A LOT sometimes with clothes on and sometimes without clothes on!! Annabelle even swam without a diaper on most days and would tell me before she had to go pee pee. I think that means she is getting ready to potty train (but mommy is not ready yet. Mommy says she will be ready when Adelyn sleeps better....which might be when Annabelle is like 4 or soooo....)

I worked on some projects. I really enjoyed this time to be creative and get some much needed "hobby time'' in.

I decided to be brave and take Adelyn to the doctor and let Annabelle come along too. I tried to keep Annabelle busy with as much as she could while there a whopping hour and a half. Annabelle did pretty good; I was proud of her and how she obeyed.

I ripped a hole in the bottom area of her favorite jeans....does this mean something or what?!?!!!

Annabelle, Adelyn and I went to McDonalds almost everyday this week, not to eat, but to play on their awesome playground! Annabelle just loved every minute of it! This is my new favorite place!!

Adelyn got two new teeth in, the bottom two teeth and they look so cute!!

Adam and I started seriously talking about trying to get another car because the cars they have are way too small to have two kiddos. We can't afford a car payment and so we are waying our options of spending our savings and trading in our cars or ???

I passed out for the first time in my life (and Adam caught romantic?!) because I slammed my finger nail in the door at our friends Dan and Amy's house.

Adelyn really started to try to crawl. (A year ago today Annabelle started to crawl. She was 10 months old.) I am secretly hoping Adleyn cools it with this crawling stuff and gives me a little more time with a baby that just sits and plays with toys. :)

It has been a jam packed week but a wonderful week. It was our first normal week in about four weeks and it is so good to have "normal" life back. Oh I have so much to be thankful for.

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Carey said...

They are getting so big! How exciting -- teeth and crawling all in the same summer :) Looks like you'll have your work cut out for you pretty soon with two mobile little ones!