Friday, July 23, 2010

Happy 7 month birthday Adelyn!

My sweet baby doll is now 7 months as of 3 days ago. Adelyn you are a happy baby when you feel good. We can tell that you are going to be a laid back person who loves people.

You love to grab your feet (which is one of my favorite baby phases!) and you are constantly sucking on your lips because your bottom teeth are coming in. We can see them and we are excited!! I say we are excited, I am but I am also a little sad because when you get teeth you will look like such a big girl and mommy is not ready for that! The only reason why I want you to get any older is so that there is maybe a chance that you will sleep. You still wake up several times a night and we are just waiting until we know you are over your reflux and not getting teeth before we try to play "hardball" with you again. (Adelyn, just so you know, I HATE letting you cry but I know that it is the best thing for you so please know that I love you when I do it...I just had to say it :) )

Annabelle is always right by your side to give you your paci and tell others "no'' they come around you. She is very protective of you because she loves you. Your face just lights up when she decides she wants to play with you. We pray all the time that you will be good friends.

Adleyn you always have something in your mouth and your favorite is the foamy bath toys. You are wearing 9 month clothes. You are 26 1/2 inches tall and in the 90 percentile. Your head circumference is in the 97th percentile and you weigh 18 lbs and 6 oz and that is the 75 percentile for your age.

You are also eating A LOT of baby food these days and you just love green things, anything green you love. You are allergic to peaches and milk and your tummy doesn't handle carrots, sweet potatoes, or rice so we don't give it to you at all!

Adelyn just this week I have started to get sad about you getting so big. I really want you to stay my baby forever but I know you can't and so I try to enjoy every moment with you even though I am so tired. I pray you start sleeping better so that we both feel better. I love you sweet Adelyn; I cannot imagine my life without you.

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G's mom said...

Thank you for the comment! Your dolls are so precious and you have such a cute little family! Cute blog!