Monday, June 14, 2010

Our Memphis Visit #1

We had such a great time visiting with friends and family in Memphis. I drove in on Friday. We left about 6:00 am our time and got in about 5 central time. The girls were more than ready to get out of the car and so was I. :) We stayed with the Fishers and Marmie was loads of help! I even got to sleep all night long a few nights! What a blessing!!

This is my lunch date on the drive down. I had to take her picture because she just looked like such a big girl and she was so good!

Saturday Annabelle and I spent the whole day going to the wedding in little rock but Adelyn stayed behind to hang out with Marmie and PapaDaddy. I loved it that she got to have some undivided attention. This is Annabelle on the way home from the wedding; we stripped her down so she wouldn't mess up her pretty dress and she had her green beans in the middle of her car seat...hilarious!

Sunday morning I went to Kirby Woods and it was really good. It always feels like home there. That is where Adam and I got married. The Fisher's loved to show off the girls! On Sunday afternoon Annabelle did not want to take a nap and so we went swimming. She wasn't a fan at first but she warmed up and I was glad because we are going to the beach in a couple weeks.

Some girls that were at the pool taught Annabelle how to blow bubbles in the water and she just loved doing that; she spent 90% of the time trying to blow bubbles in the pool!

After we swam, I got a phone call from my brother and then my dad asking me to come to this movie event thing. It is hard to explain just what it was but my brother worked behind the scenes of a movie this past year and actually ended up playing a small part in the movie. The title of it is Rivka. It is about a Muslim lady that comes to know Christ. It is super secretive for lots of reasons so I don't know what else I can say about it but we watched the trailer for it at this mini movie theater thing and it just looked so good. I can't wait to see it! After that my dad and brother came over to the Fishers to spend some time with the girls. That night I went to visit with one of my dearest friends Bethany and her husband David. She has really made there house and home and I loved to get the chance to see it and her. She is such a wonderful person and I miss her lots!

On Monday, Marmie and I took the girls to Cameron Brown (where Adam and I got engaged!) They had the coolest slide and it was so neat that the playground was in the shade! Annabelle had a blast of course!

me and sweet Adelyn
Annabelle started saying, "nack, nack'' for "snack" and we didn't have one so we went home fast!

Monday afternoon I went and spent some time with my dad, Anita, and James. We just hung out and watched TV and chatted and then I went to SONIC (one of the best places in the world!) and then to Kimberly's house to visit and watch a TV show that we both like! Such a fun few days in Memphis!

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Nicole said...

I LOVE Sonic! I went almost everyday while we were in Little Rock for the wedding :)