Saturday, June 12, 2010

Justin and Andrea's Wedding

My cousin Justin, my first and second cousin (explanation to follow) got married to a beautiful girl named Andrea this weekend. So, after we drove in on Friday to Memphis, on Saturday my dad, me and Annabelle got in the car and drove to Little Rock in time to get to the wedding and then got right back in the car right after it was over and came back to Memphis.

It was a fun trip. Annabelle might debate me on that but she can't talk enough to do that and I thought it was worth it to be there for this one time event. Annabelle looked like such a doll and she got to meet so many of my distant relatives. Ok, to the explanation about my cousin who is my first and second cousin. My dad's cousin married my mom's sister and the children they had are my first and second cousins....only in Arkansas right? No, I'm just kidding and I can say that because I LOVE Arkansas and everything about it!

This is my brother, me, Annabelle, and my dad. Bad hair dad what can I say.

Same pic except ex nay my dad and add my mom

and here is sweet Annabelle again. I love that her hair is getting so long. She looks like such a big girl!

This is my dad and his cousin. They are bffs, if that is what guys call it.

This is only a taste of my trip around the world (ok not really but it felt like it) with the girls. I am so excited about all the things we got to do and people we got to see in Memphis and all I have to blog about! Oh and I am going to post about an update for Adelyn too, I promise!

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