Friday, June 18, 2010


Today we went to the Bunny Park in Dublin. I love this park a lot; it is like the water park we went to in Memphis except there is always a TON of people there. We only stayed a little while but Annabelle had a blast and I actually got a little bit of much needed sun on my body. :)

I have noticed in the 18 months I have lived in Ohio that moms here do not dress there little girls up like moms do in the south. For example, bow are not a big deal at all, to see a little girl with a bow on is a rarity around here. My family then sticks out like a sore thumb (ok, maybe not like a sore thumb but sticks out like something better like a pretty flower in the midst of weeds :) ) Wait, not that Ohio people are weeds because they are not at all. We are just different, one is not better than the other just different. I hope you get my point without me being offensive. ANYWAY, all this to say, Annabelle is at this park in a tutu bathing suit with a bow on...yeah, she got some funny looks but I thought she looked absolutely adorable!

I hung out with Adelyn on the towel most of the time.

Look at that smile

When we got home, Adam was holding Adelyn in his lap and Annabelle just jumped in his lap too and just kept hugging and kissing Adelyn. It was so sweet!

Ok, now to the title of the post. This morning when we put on the girls bathing suits I noticed that Annabelle's was a little tight and Adelyn's was loose but I just thought I had gotten Annabelle an 18 month and since she is almost 21 months that she was already growing out of it and I thought I had gotten Adelyn a big size so she could grow into it. So, a few minutes ago I was hanging up the wet bathing suits to dry and noticed that the pink bathing suit (the one Annabelle was wearing) is a 9 month bathing suit and the yellow one (Adelyn was wearing) is a 18-24 month suit! The funny thing is that Annabelle wore the 9 month one well! ha! How funny! I seriously feel like I am crazy sometimes! I'm sure all mommies do sometimes :)

I wanted to document for myself and for those who have asked what all we are doing for Adelyn that I think is making a difference for her. First, I am putting her on her tummy to sleep. The GI doctor informed me that you NEVER put a reflux baby on their back to sleep. Who knew? I thought all babies were supposed to sleep on their backs but the doctor explained that this makes the reflux worse. I believe this is why she has had the most trouble at night. She said the options were to put them on their left side (because the left side is supposed to help with digestion) or their stomach (but she couldn't officially suggest that, we all know why.) We also started putting her on a sleep wedge with two positioners on the sides. I feel like the slight incline helps her keep her food down better. Second, we are adding oatmeal to every single bottle. Adelyn was intolerant to rice. Adleyn's bottles are supposed to be the consistency of mustard in order to help her keep her food down. They suggested a tbsp per ounce but we found that that makes Adelyn extremely constipated so we do not do add that much oatmeal. Third, we keep her upright for at least 30 minutes after she eats in order to help her digest her food. It helps that she sits up now! Forth, we give her Prevacid in the mornings and we give it to her and then wait thirty minutes to give her her bottle. This has helped her dramatically!! Also, we give her Zantac at night before she goes to sleep. Fifth, Adelyn gets constipated often. It is almost as if her whole digestive tract just does not work exactly right just yet, so, we give her a glycerin suppository if she has not had a bowel movement in two days. This gives her drastic relief when she needs it. Constipation associated with gas is and was most definitely one of the issues that caused the sleeping problems but is better now that we know better how to handle it. This is all I can think of at the moment but I know there is more. If I think of more I will be sure to write it. I really hope something in this list helps you reflux mommies out there that have contacted me. I appreciate your support so much! God bless you and your sweet babies!


Jessica Kenney said...

Glad Adelyn is doing better. Colton had reflux terrible but they do grow out of it! We have prayed for Caden to not have it! I feel so terrible for them!

Resisting Perfection said...

Bows are a necessity! Doesn't everyone know that? lol. I LOVE LOVE her tutu swimsuit, precious! Glad you had a fun day!