Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Starting early on my New Years Resolution

I wanted to start out with this picture of Annabelle. See I bought the little basket on the right to put the two sets of diapers and the wipes so that I don't have to go upstairs to get diapers. Well, Annabelle loves to get all the diapers out and wipes if I'm not looking and throw them everywhere and then she looks at me with that "cheese" smile so that she won't get in trouble. Oh Annabelle!!

So, I think I am giving in and I am actually going to try to update this blog every now and then! I have changed the title from "GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME" to The "Fisher Family." Now don't get me wrong, God really is good all the time but I want to include lots of things about our family so that I can look back and see what has happened with us and so with lack of a better name I reverted to "The Fisher Family," maybe something really creative will come to me but if it doesn't no big deal!

On the subject of God being good all the time I have to say that I am ecstatic that my sister-in-law Cristi is pregnant! Her and her husband, Lawson have been trying to get pregnant for a long time and it is amazing to see how He grants people the desires of their hearts when they seek Him. I know this has been such a growing experience for them and I know that God knew exactly what He was doing making them wait and so I am just so happy for them! It is crazy to think that in the course of a year Annabelle and Adelyn will have at least three new cousins!!! How fun!!

God has also been so good to us lately by blessing us with the birth of sweet Adelyn! Here she is at 8 days old. She is so alert!It is so crazy, weird, exciting etc. to have two children. It feels so different than having one. I could not have imagined how you could love two so equally. The myth that some people believe about not having a second kid because they cannot imagine loving another child the same way is just that, a myth. We took Adelyn to her first doctor's appointment yesterday and found out that she is jaundiced. I know that about 50% of all babies are jaundiced and that she will be fine but the problem lies in that they told me that I have to feed her every two hours and that every other feeding needs to be a formula feeding. This left me with a dilemma because I really want to breast feed as exclusively as possible. Sooooooo, I am feeding her and then at the next feeding she is taking a bottle from my mom (who is here until Friday...thank you Jesus!!) or Adam and I am pumping so I don't lose my milk! Whew, this is a lot of work but we go back to the doctor on Thursday and we will find out if Adelyn is still jaundiced and if she is doing better then I can stop pumping and just feed her myself!:) I really need her to be better because I cannot imagine pumping while trying to chase Annabelle without my mom here to help! Anyway, I know it will all be ok so I am just trying to trust God with it all.

This is Adelyn at the doctor's office! I forgot how tiny they are at first!

Many have asked how Annabelle is doing with Adelyn. Annabelle looooves having a baby in the house...almost too much sometimes :) She is learning to be gentle.

This is our family on Christmas morning! We had a great Christmas here in Ohio with Adam's parents, and my mom! My dad, step mom Anita and brother James came to visit the few days before Christmas. So, we feel so blessed to have a lot of our family visiting us and new baby Adelyn for Christmas!!