Thursday, March 26, 2015

My 3 Littles

My mom says I never blog anymore. Which is half true. Life is busy in a good way. My photo card from Adelyn's birthday is currently sitting in a drawer because I broke it and desperately need to get it fixed!! Anyway, I don't want to miss keeping up with my littles on here since this my only documentation of their lives (Insert crying "help me" emoji.)

I took these pictures on Sunday and thought it would be a great way just to write a little bit about what they are like right now.

ABRAHAM (16 months)

He is the sweetest. I mean look at that face (breakfast on it and all). He is sixteen months and some. He has the cutest big belly. He has the most precious little spirit. We call him a lover baby. He loves everyone and somehow makes everyone feel special. He is a snuggler. We laugh because every nursery we take him to he finds someone who will hold him so he can fall asleep on them. He actually fell asleep on Adelyn the other day. ha! Obviously, he is a "go with the flow" kind of baby which is wonderful!! He can say so much stuff. Too much to list but he says, "danya, ball, dada" pretty much all day. Dayna is the vacuum cleaner that he is obsessed with. He enjoys playing with his sisters so much. He throughly enjoys their attention. He also begs to play outside all of the time and has a big time running around outside. He makes life such a joy; I'm so thankful to God for my sweet baby boy!

ADELYN (5 years)
Adelyn is a hoot. She is so fun and funny, constantly trying to make us laugh. Adelyn is obsessed with food. Like obsessed. Food is always on her radar and she looooves chocolate. She really enjoys art and makes pictures for people all the time when she's at home. Adelyn is a people person. She always wants to be doing something fun with the most amount of people possible and she most always has a blast doing whatever she's doing. 

Annabelle is so special. Annabelle enjoys art, art, art and creativity. She is always making things out of things. She also loves numbers and math and is brilliant. She much more enjoys small crowds and one on one time. Annabelle really wants to make people feel special. She overly loves Abraham a lot of the time and enjoys telling everyone what to do. Both girls really enjoy picking out their own outfits and clothes now. :)

I couldn't love these littles any more. I am so blessed and thankful.

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Leslie said...

They are just precious and growing up!!!!!