Thursday, November 13, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday Abraham!

Our sweet little Abraham turned one yesterday. I cannot hardly believe it but I'm just so thankful for him and his little smile. I have been so sentimental this week about everything. Everyone who knows me well knows that one of my "sayings" is "a year from now everything will look totally different." It's a statement I have told myself and others for the past several years when I wanted things to be different and I or others needed hope. I think back over this past year and how faithful the Lord has been to me, all of the hard lessons He has taught me and I'm overwhelmed with gratitude. And, in the midst I have been able to mommy this precious boy who truly reminds me constantly of how good God is and how He truly does know best. I can honestly say, this year, at this point, I don't want anything to be different. I love and thankful for this life God has graciously given me and my three littles especially this week my baby boy. 

 I've spent the past week writing this "Imagine the End" statement for his baby dedication on Sunday. I hope one day Abraham can read it and will know how much I love him and how much his daddy and I desire more than anything for him to know this God we love and serve because this God truly is all satisfying. 

Abraham, you have been our little redemption baby. After several years of hard times we believe God gave you to us to show us how much He extravagantly loves us. You are our picture of how God longs to bring joy after pain and sunshine after the storms in our lives. 

Abe, you have been the sweetest, smiliest infant. We envision your joyful and peaceful spirit staying with you all of your life. Just like the Abraham in the bible, we pray you are a man of faith, believeing God even when it feels impossible. 

We pray you grow up to love the Lord with all of your heart, mind, soul, and strength and in this age of distraction you will have laser focus on the things that really matter in this life. 

Abe, we pray growing up with two older sisters makes you sensitive and compassionate to the needs of those around you and on the flip side, you will be a man’s man who enjoys sports and boy things. (We all know your daddy needs that after all these years of girls.) 

Abraham, we pray God would give you a deep love for His word and the desire to know more about Him daily. Right now, you really love to talk so we imagine words being a huge part of your life. We pray you always use your words to glorify God, building others up, not tearing them down.

We pray God would give you from a young age vision for what line of work He has for you, blessing you with wisdom and discernment that can only come through Him. We pray you will be a servant hearted man who works hard and gives of himself every day selflessly for others.

Abe, we pray daily God would give you the wife your heart needs. We envision you being a devoted husband, lavishly loving your wife and children, a man filled with vision and godly leadership. 

Abraham, we love you! You are sincerely an indescribable treasure. We wait excitedly in anticipation to see God answer our prayers for your life. We are immensely grateful to our good God for you, our beauty from ashes. 

We ended up having a couple of families over for dinner who have babies in Abe's class at church. I love his face in this video. The "adam face" for sure! Love that sweet baby boy! We cannot wait for his big family party on Saturday!

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