Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Thankful Tuesday

My thoughts are so random and scattered I need to bullet point them:) :

1) the girlies spent a week or 6 days about with my mama this past week. They have never done this before with her and they had so.much.fun! Everyone had a blast and I am so thankful for the break too. It gave me a chance to regroup and prioritize and get some things done that I have needed to do for a while now! I might try to talk mom into doing a post about their visit!

2) it was fun just to have Abe but he missed his sisters. I didn't realize how much they entertain him! I'm thankful for that quality one on one time we had!!

3) this week has been sort of an emotional roller coaster for a number of reasons and The Lord has been chiseling at my heart. It has been so hard and I have so much "work" to let Him do on me but I'm thankful He wants to still put up with me and that His grace is always enough. 

4) kindergarten starts in like a month in a half?!?! I have mixed emotions but I'm so excited for Annabelle. She is ready for this challenge! I am praying every day for just the right teacher for her and for her to have a friend in her class. I cannot wait to see how God answers these prayers.

5) I always forget to take pics of date night but we had a superfun one of those this past week! So thankful for any time alone with Adam when we aren't dog tired! 

God has been good to us this past week. He always is and I am thankful!!

That my glory may sing your praise and not be silent. O Lord my God, I will give thanks to you forever!! Psalm 30:12

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Beautiful thoughts