Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Thankful Tuesday

I didn't forgot about Thankful Tuesday yesterday, in fact, the post was on my "to do" list but its a long and very crazy and dramatic story but the gist of it is that yesterday the apartment diagonally above ours, the pipes for the sprinklers broke and the sprinklers went off and no one could get them turned off and so our apartment flooded. The fire department came in our apartment and shut off our power because it was a fire hazard and told us to get out. Like I said, it is a much longer story but there is lots to be thankful for. 1) All the littles are ok. 2) Movers are moving us right now as I type. 3) There was no fire and none of the walls caved in. 4) It was all just stuff!! 

So, Adam and I are setting a record for moving (jk but you know what I mean). This is our 6th time in the seven years that we've been married that we have moved and the funny thing is that we are moving into a house at the end of February! Ha! 

Such is life my grandmother would say. :) 

Back to thankfulness. 

This sweet little boy is 8 weeks old and I have posted... HE SLEEPS THROUGH THE NIGHT! Yep, it's a miracle! We are so thankful for the sleep! 

These little girls and me had a great Christmas break; I truly enjoyed having them home and my mom came to visit so that was super fun! (Ps they are mermaids in this pic :) )

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