Sunday, July 28, 2013

Beach Vacation 2013 Part 2

I already posted a little about my birthday. All of these pictures were taken on my birthday. I felt very fortunate to be able to spend the day with my family. There are a couple things I love about these pictures. One, the girls LOVE their daddy. They think he is the most fun dad ever and definitely the funniest man alive and I love how this top picture captures that!

Two, the girls so much enjoyed the ocean. They would have played in it every hour of every day if we let them!

Three, Lala brought the girls "party dresses" for my "b-day party." Hilarious and cute and "sooo" Lala and Annabelle!

Four, for whatever reason this particular week Adelyn was obsessed with this navy and white polka dotted dress and wouldnt wear hardly anything else. (I typically don't have this problem with her.) So, out of a whole suitcase of clothes I packed the girls, they really only wore this dress over and over again. :)

Five, Adam really hates to take pictures. Like hates them but he knows how much I love them and how much it means to me to document things and so he put on his happy face for my birthday!

Six, every day we were in Destin an ice cream truck drove down the beach and we got popsicles of some sort. It made for a really fun memory!

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