Monday, June 10, 2013

Visit to Arkansas

 We had so much with Lala this visit. When she came in March I was barely pregnant and sick as a dog and so I didn't do as well taking pictures. We always love to look back at the pictures during her visits since she can only see us a few times a year, the girls change so much in between each visit.
 We were able to go here and there and everywhere with Lala this visit and I couldn't help but to think that this phase isn't going to last forever because we are about to have another baby! Sometimes it's hard to believe.
 We were able to go do so many neat things this visit. We went swimming a lot, we went to an ice cream store,

 we went to the mall and played at the play place and rode the carousel. We took our pictures in a photo booth.
 We got mani and pedis. :)

 We went to the McDonald's playground and went shopping.

 We visited my grandparents and they took us to Cracker Barrel with that whole side of my family. We visited with my step sisters and my little niece Jordyn. The girls adored her. (I wish I had gotten a picture!)
 We relaxed, read books, did crafts, and just enjoyed being together. I was extremely thankful that Adam had a chance to come this visit!
And for thr first time, Annabelle and Adelyn successfully shared a bed! They were the cutest all snuggled up together so close. 
And on our way home we were able to swim with our cousins and chat with my sis in law Christi while the guys played golf AND
see my friend Rachel and her new audiology clinic! Whew I'm tired just typing all of that. I love all the time I get to spend with my mama and PePop. I am very thankful that I still have my grandparents to visit with on both sides of my family. I am one blessed woman. Thank you Jesus. 

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