Wednesday, December 12, 2012

You Are Working In the Waiting...

 Today, I searched for blessings in my life. I am thoroughly aware what finding things to be thankful to God about does for your life. That being said, God brought to light many blessings...
1) Two little girlies who were dressed as princesses again :) who wanted to make cookies...

 2) My sweet little Annabelle whose favorite bibles story is in Daniel 3 about God being in the fire with Shadrach, Meshack, and Abednego. She sticks that book mark in at the page so she won't lose the spot. :) Love how often she reminds me of this story!
3) We curled Annabelle's hair for the first time ever and it looked beautiful.
 4) My baby was absolutely hilarious!

 5) Annabelle performed her Christmas Musical for her school. She was so funny. She really only did the motions for the finger play and some of the verses. She didn't sing one song. And she has practiced the songs like crazy at home. :) She told me when she sat down that she didn't want to sing. (of course!)

 6) I got to keep Adam at home from youth to go to the performance!
7) Everyone got cookies!!
 8) A friend brought me a meal
9) And another friend brought me flowers. :)
 10) And LOTS of friends sent me scripture and the Lord sustained me by His promises...

11) And this song and Matt Redman's whole 10,00 reasons cd is SUCH A BLESSING...filled with scripture and so good for the soul. 


Carrie said...

I am so sorry! I awoke tonight with the Lord speaking the word "TRUST" to me. I was wide awake so I came downstairs and got on my computer. I have suffered 4 miscarriages in the last 2 years. One at 17 weeks, 12 weeks, 1 at 6 weeks and 1 at 10 weeks with twins. It has been hard. I do have 4 children and what a comfort and blessing to my hurting heart. Your words and references to scripture that of your friends and yours have given me refreshment tonight. I especially love Psalm 58:8-11. I have gone to this scripture many times over the last few months! Thank you for sharing your experience.I am saying a prayer for you right now.

Love and prayers from GA!

Aja said...

I stumbled on your blog from Julee's and then Jen Francis'. I lost a baby at 13 weeks in April of this year. After two fairly easy pregnancies and healthy babies the miscarriage was a shocked and the grief was even more unexpected. The Lord has been my ROCK and has brought me so far this year. Many of those same scriptures sustained me, along with Psalm 126:5-6. You'll be in my prayers.