Monday, November 19, 2012

Love them to pieces

 The girlies just looked so adorable in their little turkey shirts yesterday! I cannot believe how much they have grown since last year! I went back to look at the pictures and I was amazed!

 Tonight I decided while we were eating dinner to straighten Adelyn's hair on a whim. Can you tell she likes it? (Little cheeser!)
 And we went back to normal after bath time. She is just hilarious! ...
but not without getting a video of her seeing herself for the first time with curls :)
video video

And had to put this one of Adelyn wanting to work out with me! ha! Her weight is really heavy! :) It reminds me of a video we have of Annabelle working out w me! I love it when they do this! What a reminder that they are going to copy my behavior!!!

So thankful for the laughs today!!! :)

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