Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween 2011 & 2012

 Halloween was fun with the girlies this year! They wanted to be fairies and so I got fair costumes but then they decided to wear their beautiful princess costumes instead and it worked out perfectly!
 Adelyn is growing up so fast! I can't believe my baby is going to be 3 next month!!
 I put makeup on both of the girls and they thought they were in heaven and I thought "uh oh" we are going to be in trouble when these girls are older! :)
 I was so thankful for a good time with them. We attempted the Halloween event that our church puts on. We made it for a little while and then walked home in the rain and cold and it was hilarious...
 ...both girls were crying and whining because of the cold and the rain but we made it home and we stopped to trick or treat at just a few houses before we went inside. Annabelle is the only one who is into the trick or treating as of now.
Last year, I missed Halloween because Adam and I and the girls had driven to Memphis to "deal" with the Voyeurism stuff. I spent Halloween day with Kimberly closing her accounts, running around like mad women changing bank accounts, canceling things, picking up stuff from her house and helping the police at the police station. I was very angry last Halloween that I missed that "holiday" with my kids. (although I am not a huge fan of Halloween bc I very much believe in all of the halloweeny stuff...I'll save that for another time...)

but tonight when I looked back at the pictures of Annabelle dressing up and trick or treating with Gigi and GePaw it made me happy. Annabelle got to have that memory with them and them with her because she told me about her and GePaw and Gigi trick or treating 3 times this year so I know it was special for her (Adelyn opted out of trick or treating last year too. :) ).

So, instead of it making me angry it makes me happy and I would never trade that time I spent trying desperately to help my beloved friend. I know she would have done the very same for me.

And as I was finding pictures from last Halloween time, I stumbled upon some of the pictures I had taken during those very dark days of shock and grieving and I want to post and say that My God Is So Faithful. I tear up as I type that because these pictures are just such a testimony to His goodness and faithfulness......

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