Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Thankful Tuesday

 Today is Thankful Tuesday! I asked Annabelle what she was thankful for today and she paused for a long time to think and then said: "The sun, her friends, and her little pumpkins." It was so sweet. I think she kinda understands.
We had the privilege to take Annabelle on a field trip with her preschool today. I am always so thankful Adam can come too. It was a great sunny day for a field trip. This morning she wanted Adelyn to come with her too. It was a precious moment for me. I'm so glad they love each other so much!
 It was really really cold like felt like 39 and I just did not dress me or Annabelle appropriately and she was freezing but she had a great time despite the cold.
 Last year she wouldn't feed the goats but she did a great job this year!
She even wanted to put her head through this year! :)

Annabelle's favorite activity to do at Leed's Farm is the zip line! She loved it!

We went on a hay ride and then got to pick our pumpkins.

What a great day at Leed's Farm! So thankful for this memory!! We can't wait to go back with Adelyn!

When we got home Annabelle wanted to paint the pumpkins with Adelyn so they did. I was glad they shared so nicely :) I am beyond thankful for these two and my family. I am deeply saddened for Julee and Matt's friends and family as they grieve his loss tonight and tomorrow. His death has made me take a look at all I have to be grateful and thankful for. Please continue to pray for them.

Also, my mom had a test today on her heart. The results come back tomorrow. I am praying so very hard for her that they do not find anything wrong with her heart but if they do I know there are so many medical options today that it is going to be ok. When I sent out a text I said, "God is in control." I said that because 1) I know He is   2)Sometimes it is good to remind yourself by telling someone else 3) It's in the times when we are tempted not to think He is in control that it is the most essential to practice trust in Him.

So I practiced today, "Ashley, do not be anxious about your mom, but pray. (God help my mom, comfort her today, heal her heart if it needs to be healed, help me to trust you, fill me with belief in You when I don't feel like believing you are a good God, when I don't understand fill my brain with Your word and truth.) And His peace that passes all understand was mine today." Phil 4

I am thankful.

Blog Day of Silence tomorrow 10/10/2012
we will use this day to remember to pray for Julee and her family!

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Melody said...

We have an Adilyn (with an I)too :)
I'm originally from Siloam Springs but now live in the Tulsa area. Graduated from U of A in 2005 and found your blog through Julee Turner. Anyway, cute blog and adorable girls you have :)