Friday, October 5, 2012

Bacon Wrapped Chicken

 (picture borrowed from here)

One of my friends Amanda posted a picture of a recipe a knew I had to try on Instagram: Bacon wrapped chicken cooked in dales. My husband is a HUGE fan of Dales and so I knew I could make it for a game day treat!

I tried it last week and it was delish and so so easy!

(You know how I am with recipes so be patient with me :) )

You take raw chicken and cut it up in to small pieces. I halved raw pieces of bacon and wrapped the bacon over the chicken like the picture above. Make sure the chicken pieces are big enough to where the bacon doesn't get wrapped multiple times around the chicken because the bacon will not cook very well this way.

I set my oven to 350 degrees and soaked my pan in dales (like to where the chicken is swimming in dales.) Next, I placed my chicken wrapped bacon on the pan making sure all of the chicken had some dales sauce on it and cooked. A few minutes in I flipped the pieces.

I just watched to see when I thought the chicken was thoroughly cooked and took it out, and cut a piece open to make sure. I believe you could set the oven to 375 and maybe even 400 but I've never tried.

Happy Game Day Tomorrow! Hoping tomorrow is not as bad for the HOGS as the rest of the season has been! At least I have cute cheerleaders either way!

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