Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Annabelle!

Today has been such a great day to celebrate Adam's birthday. I was thinking about when I was nine months pregnant with Annabelle and I really thought Adam and her would share the same birthday but I went into labor in at 2:00am the 27th. I am so thankful now that they don't have the same birthday! It's so fun to have two birthdays back to back in our house!

So tomorrow we celebrate Annabelle's forth birthday and I cannot believe my baby has already gotten so big! I was laughing today thinking about how I birthed a clone of me and so I almost know exactly what she is thinking before she does talks and does and I am totally getting paid back for all my quirks! ha!

 (birthday party pics coming soon)

I love my sweet Annabelle so so much! She has given me greater joy than I knew possible! I am so thankful to God for her little life!

I pray every day that I can be the mom she needs me to be and that she will come to know Christ at a young age and grow to love Him! 

I hope you get to read this one and you know how much I love you!! Happy Birthday sweet Annabelle!!

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Rachel said...

Such a pretty girl! Hope yall have a fun week celebrating!