Friday, September 28, 2012

Annabelle's 4th Birthday Party!

 We had a little party for Annabelle while we were in Memphis for the sentencing hearing. I decided we would do the party that Saturday because it would be really fun and we were so excited we were in town close enough to her bday to have the party with family!
Annabelle wanted a Mermaid Party and if you know me, you know how much I LOVE bday parties so Annabelle and I went all out on decor for the party. It was so fun! We made little sea shells in different colors in mold able chocolate. I wouldn't recommend these for anyone else because they took forever to make but Annabelle and I had fun making them together so it was definitely worth it. The party favors were organic brown sand, swedish fish, and choclates.

 We had goldfish because that is one of everyone's favorite foods.:)

 And Aunt Christi made us a cake! She did such a great job!! Annabelle loved it.

 I loved it that it was just family and a couple friends that have kids Annabelle's age. We have so much family it made for a larger party anyway but it was so fun that it was all people who really love Annabelle.

 The kiddos loved the crayons and getting to play with friends.

 And Annabelle absolutely LOVED getting to dress up and actually be a mermaid for the night.
 She was in heaven if you couldn't tell. :)

 One funny and great thing that happened was that my dad brought presents from him and my step mom and one of the presents was a mermaid costume. They got Annabelle the same exact mermaid costume I had gotten her so Adelyn got to wear one too and that was just perfect!

 We had a blast eating the awesome cake that aunt Christi even made pink for Annabelle.

 And as you can see Annabelle got lots of mermaids.
 enough to even share with her sister!

 I am so thankful for such a wonderful memory! I still cannot believe my baby is four! She is such a joy! It's so fun that she loves bday parties just like her mama!

I can't wait to see what theme she comes up with next year!!!

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