Thursday, September 6, 2012

Annabelle's 1st Day of Preschool 4's

Today was Annnabelle's first day of preschool for four year olds. She went to the same school last year and just loved it. The program is every Tuesday/Thursday from 9-11:15 so it's really not all that much time but it's crazy how much they pack into that time! 

Annabelle has the same lead teacher as she did last year. She is in the same room and even has 9 of the same kids in her class!

 It was so different taking her this year because she was so excited (instead of apprehensive) and totally familiar with everything. I was so proud of her!

 Every one had to take their turn taking pictures with Annabelle. Adelyn was not happy that she was not getting to go to school too. She BEGS to go to school like Annabelle and one day she will but for now,I'll keep her with me :)
 Annabelle just looked so big compared to last year and her teacher even said she thought she had grown a ton.
 Annabelle did so great smiling for the camera. You never know with her. I made her a special breakfast with doughnuts (which are her absolute favorite) and she didn't eat a bite because she was so excited...maybe that's the reason for all the smiles. :)

I love this little school because they say their prayers before their snack and incorporate bible stories. This is them doing their prayer before snack. 

 Mrs. Kathy from last year is her teacher and then Mrs. Jill is the helper teacher. Mrs Kathy has been teaching preschool for 30ish years and Mrs. Jill seemed so so sweet. So thankful for good teachers!
After school we swung by Starbucks for a cake pop! What a great first day of school!!

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Leslie said...

Don't they grow so fast. You look so pretty in the pic with AB.