Friday, March 30, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt #1

 My sweet baby dolls went to their first Easter Egg Hunt this morning at our friend's the Reighardt's house.

 This is the second year our church group has had the Easter Egg Hunt at the Reinhardt's.

 The past two years, it has been held in the basement because it has been wet outside.
 The girls searched for eggs for a while and then...
 Adelyn dropped her bag and decided she wanted to play.

 I was so thankful that Adam could come. Autumn (the hostess) gave him the job of hiding the eggs and he did a suburb job!
 Afterward, we had snack and we did a little craft.
What a great time we had!!

I couldn't help but remember the Easter Egg Hunt from last year. I cannot believe how fast the girls are growing!!!

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Angie said...

Sounds like such fun! I love Easter egg hunts. The girls looked like they had a really good time. Their little outfits are adorable :)