Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Church Playgroup Easter Egg Hunt

Today the girls and I went to their first Easter Egg Hunt. It was so fun! This is me with the girls. I told Merm my only goal was to actually get us all three in the picture and that was a success!
 The only way I could get Annabelle to look at the camera or above the camera this morn was for to snap above the camera and that's what she started doing too.
I explained to Annabelle what an Easter Egg Hunt was and what she would do and she did a great job with it!
 Adelyn just picked up the eggs and chunked them. It was so her and so funny.
 Annabelle loved the hunt.
 I really was so proud of her!
 This was after Adelyn gave up.
 Sweet Merm and Oliver were there hunting too and they matched! SO cute!
 I love this little profile; Adelyn was wanting a snack after all of her hard work.
 There were lots and lots of people there.
 Everyone enjoyed their snacks
and then of course Adelyn decided to jump on the table!

Autumn (the hostess) sent us home with a craft. Hopefully we will get to do it soon!! I am glad it's Easter season! What a fun time and a fun day!

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Leah said...

Your girls are so precious. Looks like they had a blast at the Easter Egg hunt!