Friday, February 3, 2012

Valentine's Day Shirts & Bows

 Today I finished these Valentine's Day shirts for the girls. I really am a horrible seamstress so when I sew shirts for the girls I always make them something easy. These were the easiest shirts yet!
 When I was thinking about a plan for easy shirts I remembered Annabelle's third birthday shirt. The ribbon is just perfect Valentine material. I got the ribbon and the shirts from our Walmart here. (Sometimes Walmart has these shirts on sale for 1$ or 2$ if you watch and they are good many times washable material.)
 I don't ever use any patterns or anything, I just wing it. It's the same with me a recipes usually. :) Maybe that's why neither work out a lot! ha! One shirt I sewed with the sewing machine and one I hand sewed because my machine was acting funny and I like the hand sewed version much better. For both shirts and bows the total cost was 14 dollars and really didn't take long at all. (I'm not sure how long because I did it in little bits of time throughout a few days.)
Just wanted to share in case anyone needed an easy and cheap project this winter!

I can't wait to see these shirts on the girlies. They are so sweet when I make them things and always get really excited and it definitely makes it all worth the effort!!

Also, I wrote for 6:33 Women today on PEACE. You can read the post by clicking here.

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