Saturday, October 1, 2011

Annabelle's 3rd Birthday Part 2

 I started Annabelle's birthday on this post but wanted to make sure to finish recording her special day. After she came home from school, she was so excited to open more presents!
 I had spaced them out all throughout the day so she could play with each of them for a bit.
 She had a blast that day playing with many new toys from friends and family.
 And of course she had a chance to watch Angelina!
 We spent some special time that day while baby was sleeping just hanging out and playing. I was so exhausted but I enjoyed every second of it.
 I am learning slowly but surely that whenever I drop things I think are important for the moment to hang out with the girls if they need it or I just feel like I should, it is always worth it!
 Annabelle has been asking to get her ears pierced for a while now and we told her we were going to get her one birthday present and she had decided that she wanted her ears pierced. We told her it was going to hurt but she insisted it was ok.
 Well, when we got there and they kept touching her ears she totally decided she was scared. I had thought this might happen and so I had a back up plan of going to build a bear to get a bear for her brithday.
 Sooo..that's what we did!
 She loved every second of it and I could tell she felt very very special. It made me happy!
 She picked out a pink bear of course and got to pick out the heart

 and watch it get stuffed..
 she thought the noise was too loud. (We are just.alike!)
 We tried to get a family picture with our new family member :) Alice. Ab named her bear Alice because it is Angelina's best friend's name! Love it!
 After the build a bear experience, we knew we had to top the night off with a ride on the merry go round!
 The girls loved it of course and Ab was waving Alice's hand for her the whole time. It was too cute!

Happy Birthday precious 3 year old! Time sure does fly! I love you dearly! Never forget it!

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