Sunday, February 12, 2012


 Today has been such a great day in the Lord. I had the privilege of leading worship again this morning. It is such a privilege and I pray I see it that way always. It's so weird because when I am not leading worship I sit and bawl my eyes out but although I have wanted to bawl on stage leading again, it is easier to hold it together, I guess because of the responsibility that comes with leading people in worship, maybe, I don't know. ha!

Anyway, after church we have been having the college students over for lunch and small group. We had a great group today and we discussed anger. Adam lead the discussion and I thought he did a great job!! I'm so proud of him for following the Lord in leading this group. I will try to post about our discussions on "the mind" and/or "anger" tomorrow.

Happy Rest Day!

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