Monday, January 23, 2012

Baby Food, Boupbwacks and More...

 The girls looked so cute before church on Sunday. These were their "Christmas Dresses" and I decided it's a great idea to get holiday clothes that don't just have to go for that day. I got these dresses at the gap kids outlet with my friend Crystal when I went to Denver to visit her and her sweet baby Mack. I got them for such a steal. I wish we had a gap outlet here! Oh and I love how Adelyn is putting on her "boupbwoks" here. What a cutie!

 Annabelle has been into eating baby food again. haha Ok not really or kinda. I saw the "on the go" fruit things on clearance and decided to try some for the girls and Annabelle just loves them and Adelyn doesn't like them at all! ha! Could've guessed.

 Today, the girls and I decided to make princess cookies. (They have shoes on them if you can't tell.)
 They were pretty yummy and it was fun!

 I caught the girls playing ring around the rosy and it was so so sweet. I love how much they love each other!
And I read this this morning and I was so convicted about how the girls probably don't think I am a very thankful person. What a way to reveal to me the area that God needs to work on my heart in! (Oh and this is from "Choosing Gratitude" if you couldn't have guessed. :) )

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Ashley Baker said...

Your girls are so cute! I love their dresses and bows :)

- Ashley