Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Update on Our Life Lately & Thankful Tuesday

 Today is Thankful Tuesday. I am very very thankful for my family today, Adam and the girls. They are what keep me going and being able to stay at home with my girls just fills me with such joy.
 Yes, we are still devastated by the things going on around us but we have found some joy in the midst of it and I am thankful to the Lord for His goodness to us! This past weekend, we put up our Christmas Tree. It was so great because we got the girls to help us. Although it took forever and we did it in spirts..
It was well worth it for them to have so much fun!!
 Annabelle LOVED putting on the ornaments on both trees. (Ignore my post work out look.) We did two trees this year, the first one was Adam and my first tree, I put it up because I wanted a tree to put up all the "keepsake" ornaments we have selected BUT I wanted to have another one that I do my matchy matchy ornaments on.
 I have yet to get a picture of both completed trees so I will surely do that sometime soon!
 Adam put Dora on top of the tree as a joke. The girls loved it....me not so much. :)

 What fun we had!
I alsopicked up an advent calender with chocolates and scripture! It's been a big hit at our house!
 Also this weekend, Adam's very most favorite place was open for 3 days only and so we took a trip to get some Italian Shaved Ice! I got pumpkin and shared with Adelyn and Adam got a gellati with pumpkin and Annabelle got mango! The girls loved it and remembered Rocky's. It was cute!!

 On Saturday night we went to eat Mexican food and the "Balloon Man" was walking around and both girls got balloons. You'd thought we won the lottery; they were so excited!
 On Sunday, Annabelle and I went to KY for Brit's Shower and we stopped at Starbucks and I told her she could get whatever she wanted and she said, "I want milk and a cake pop." :)
 Adam and Adelyn went to the Ridgeway's to watch football and eat lunch and Adam sent me this picture of Adelyn. So sweet!!
 Yesterday, the girls were running around in their diaper and underwear and then sat on the couch to watch a show and Adelyn shared her blanket. She is soooo attached to that blanket! It was a sweet sister moment!

This morning Adelyn and I got to snuggle on the couch while Ab was at school; it was special for me. I love our alone time while Ab is at school.

The Lord has been so good to me with His word. He has provided me with every single thing I have needed during this difficult time. I am so thankful to Him for being more than enough and providing me with so many blessings!!

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