Monday, December 5, 2011

Baby Pickett's Baby Shower

Yesterday, I got the chance to drive to Kentucky for Brit's baby shower.
 I took Annabelle with me and she did pretty good. This is Brittney's second baby and so the theme was "2" and Little Man.
 The girls that are her friends in KY did such a great job throwing the shower. They graciously allowed me to "help" as in bring a few things like pop. I knew I couldn't do much because I had Annabelle with me and it's a two and a half hour drive.

 Annabelle played in the game room, sat in my lap, eat cake, and played games on my phone. :) Praise the Lord for iphones!!

 The cake was so beautiful or handsome! :)

After the shower, we went to hang out with Brittney for a while and Presley and Annabelle got along for a long time! It was great! So glad it worked out for me to go! What a great memory with a wonderful friend! I cannot wait to meet baby Pickett!


Sarah said...

so glad u were able to make it. thanks again!

Sarah said...

so glad u could make it