Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Twas the day before Christmas....

 Adam and the girls played all morning on Christmas Eve while I cooked. It was sweet to watch them play with their toys all together.

 After lunch, we had a birthday party for Jesus. It was fun. I definitely want this to be a tradition for our family. I thought about not doing it this year because they had so many birthday parties for Jesus at school and church but I decided it would be a good to do at our house as well and so we did.

 While Adelyn was napping Annabelle and I made the cookies for Santa. We love it when Adelyn helps but it only really works out with Adam at home. :)

We only had time to make four cookies and Annabelle picked out which cookie cutters we picked.

 At about four o'clock we started getting ready to go to church. Adam was there setting up and so it was me and the girls.
 They looked so precious in their Christmas dresses and polka dots.

 Adam did SUCH A GREAT JOB on the Christmas Eve Music. I wish it was recorded. :)

 It was my friend Emily's birthday and so we took a pic :) Isn't she cute..
 and the kiddos ran and ran. I think they needed to get some energy out!
 After church, we went to the Ridgeways for Christmas Eve dinner. We were the only people there that weren't their family. It was so so kind of them to have us over and the girls had a blast there. This was them after we all ate. Don't let the picture fool you, they only sat there for only a few minutes.

 We had such a great time at the Ridgeways! We played games and had fun and when we got home, we decorated out cookies for Santa.

 They both LOVED decorating cookies!

 and then got dressed in their sweet Christmas jammies which came with jammies for their dolls but they have bunnies and bears instead and the jammies fit them perfectly! It was great!

 And after the sweet girlies went to sleep, I played Santa. It was so much fun! We really only bought them a few things but they have more than enough "stuff" and were spoiled rotten by all the grandparents (which we are INCREDIBLY thankful for, since we are in the ministry and just don't make boo coos of moula)
 Adelyn's stash
and Annabelle's stash.

What a great Christmas Eve. We had wonderful holidays here in Ohio. We felt extremely blessed to be taken in by another family for their Christmas celebrations. I really hope to do that for someone some day because it meant the world to me.

I'm so excited to post about Christmas tomorrow! What a great day we had!

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Claire said...

Am loving catching up with your Christmas! Looks like you had a tonne of fun!