Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Thankful Tuesday/ Annabelle's Christmas Musical

 It's Thankful Tuesday, I know every week I say I'm thankful for my children but I really am so thankful for them. I made their shirts and to see the girls wear them just makes me so happy. I know that sound so cheesy but I cannot even explain why. It's just one of those simple joys in life for me. :)

 Also, Annabelle brought this ornament home from school today and I know she got to pick the color she put in it and that she made it purple just for me. It was one of the sweetest moments for me!
And, I got to spend the whole morning with this little cutie. I'm going to try to post on this tomorrow. She just makes me so happy, seriously! Look at that face!

 Tonight, Annabelle had her little Christmas musical at school. I almost didn't include this picture but her teacher Mrs. Lisa is just so good with her. I love how I can tell how much she cares about Annabelle; it blesses my heart :) I hope Annabelle always has teachers that care about her like Mrs. Lisa does.

 I took this picture of Ryley. We were so excited that Ryley, Luke, and Miles were in the Christmas program with Annabelle too!
I think Annabelle's nervous habit is chewing on her hair. It.drives.me.crazy. :)

 Seeing her up there in her little musical is just another one of those things that is really special for me. I don't know if all parents are this way but it just makes me so happy and thankful that I am a parent when I get to go and watch my little girl sing. :)

 The funny part of the whole thing was that Annabelle didn't really even sing. haha. She just sat there most of the time completely out of it. hahaha. We filmed it; it was hilarious.
 She even turned around and just starred at the girl singing loudly behind her for a while. haha.
 I was glad Adelyn came with us in the end. I wasn't so sure at first..haha. I told her that her job was to clap for Annabelle and she did such a great job. After every song she said, "yah!!" and clapped for "Amamelle." It was so adorable to see her support her sissy. :)

 I am so incredibly blessed with these two little girls. I know being a mom is such a hard job but I never ever want to forget what wonderful blessings these girls are and who has given me these blessings.

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